The fall

North Korea

Alongside China, different variations of communist systems still exist in Vietnam, Cambodia,
Cuba, Laos and North Korea. Especially the latter is a phenomenon among communist
countries. The non-potent state has consistently resisted the reforms that other Communist
regimes have undergone, which is facilitated by the extreme isolationism of the city of
Pyongyang. It also makes it difficult to get a full picture of the crimes committed by the North
Korean authorities. Cases of escapes to South Korea and China, which have multiplied since
the 1990s, are allowing the information blockade to be slowly broken. The testimonies of the
refugees make up a gloomy story about the totalitarian reality north of the thirty-eighth
parallel, about everyday life in fear and indoctrination. Suffice it to say that North Korea is
still covered by a network of camps for political prisoners.