the domination of communism in the world

World War II

However, the Second World War which the Soviet Union joined as Hitler's ally and the
extremely aggressive party, taking over part of the territory of Poland, Finland, Romania and
the Baltic States, did not go on as planned by the Soviets. Thanks to rapid campaigns in the
West and the Balkans, Hitler grew into a hegemon in Europe in almost two years and on June
22, 1941, anticipated Stalin's intentions by attacking the USSR. For the Red Army, almost
exclusively prepared for offensive actions and which lacked experienced commanders on the
wave of the Great Purgatory, the first three years of fighting were a series of disasters and
huge losses. Suffice it to say that by December 1941 alone, the Red Army lost 5 million
soldiers who were killed or taken captive, and the Germans stood at the gates of Moscow. The
number of victims on the Soviet side had risen to 26 million by the time they were finally
fought off and the war ended victoriously in Berlin. It was a terrible price for not considering
the losses and a criminal strategy of warfare. The tactics of burnt land were used in the
abandoned territories, partisan units conducted operations without taking into account
retaliatory actions on the part of the Germans, and after re-occupying the areas of residents
who survived the bloody German occupation, they were subjected to repression as potential