the domination of communism in the world

New enemy

Although the Soviet Union, with the considerable help of Western democracies, succeeded in
winning over the Third Reich in the Second World War, Stalin like Lenin before failed to
achieve the fundamental goal he had set himself, namely to bring about a global revolution
and to overthrow the capitalist system throughout the world. The USSR emerged from the war
terribly destroyed and bled out. The country's borders have been shifted slightly (the Western
Allies, in fact, recognised the partition of Poland, the Baltic States and parts of Finland and
Romania that took place between 1939 and 1940) and the satellite states of the so-called
popular democracy, occupied by the Red Army of Central and Eastern Europe, have been
created, but a recent ally in the war with Germany and Japan - the United States - has grown
to the rank of a new enemy. They also had a new, powerful weapon of mass destruction - the
atomic bomb - without which the USSR's chances of winning the possible confrontation were
practically zero. It was only when the Soviet Union itself came into possession of similar
weapons, which was done through a powerful network of spies in the West, that it was
possible to think about triggering another global conflict.