the domination of communism in the world

Two world wars

During the First World War, the Kingdom of Romania fought on the side of the winning
Entente states. It gained new territories, creating the largest state in history (so-called Great
Romania). During World War II, after the loss of much of the territory (by the ultimatum of
the USSR and the Vienna arbitration), the popularity of King Charles II fell. In 1941 he was
forced to abdicate and leave the country. His son Michael was his successor but the real power
in a dictatorial way was held by the German general Ian Antonescu. Romania became part of
the Axis States. In the spring of 1944, a National Democratic Bloc was formed which on 23
August 1944, triggered a political upheaval aimed at overthrowing the rule of Antonescu. It
was a success; King Michael formed a government and Romania entered the war on the
Allied side. The change of alliances did not help: the country was recognised as a zone of the
USSR influence by the Allies.