the domination of communism in the world

Economic crisis

The fatal economic policy of the new government, financed by huge credits from the West,
led to a serious crisis. A temporary improvement in the standard of living of a statistical Pole
resulted not from the flourishing Polish economy, but from the "overestimation" of Western
money, which eventually had to be returned. From that moment on, the People's Republic of
Poland was to a large extent economically dependent on the West, which also had a
considerable impact on its policy.

In 1975, the USA, Canada and all European countries except Albania signed the Final Act of
the CSCE. It reaffirmed the inviolability of borders, agreed to economic aid from the USSR
and its dependent countries and committed itself to respect for human rights. Thus, the
possible economic cooperation of the states on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain was made
conditional on the observance of human rights in the Communist camp. In this situation,
methods of fighting the opposition and restoring order in the event of social unrest had to be