the domination of communism in the world

Repressions after the revolution

The revolutionary Workers' and Peasants' Government, led by János Kádár (from Moscow),
took over power in Budapest during the fights. The period of repression against the people
associated with the uprising began.

On 22 November Nagy and his companions, who had previously been hiding on the territory
of the Yugoslav embassy and had left the country with a guarantee of safety from Kádár, were
arrested. Public meetings were banned, mass arrests and death sentences were carried out.
Some 200,000 people fled abroad and more than 100,000 were affected by the repression. The
number of people sentenced to death is estimated at 800, of whom less than 300 were
executed. 20,000 people were imprisoned, 15,000 in labour camps and 10,000 displaced. Imre
Nagy was sentenced to death and the judgement was executed, as Moscow insisted.