the domination of communism in the world

Rebirth under the lead of Broz Tito

The CPY structures were reconstructed in 1938 by Josip Broz Tito. It was no longer in
Moscow, but in the conspiracy within Yugoslavia territory. Until the war, which began for
Yugoslavia in April 1941, the CPY did not play a serious role in public life. However, after the
defeat of the army, escape of the king and the government to London and the state division
between the occupiers, the communists were among the first to set up partisan troops in
Montenegro. It is worth noting that this process was started on Tito's own initiative and
contrary to the official position of Komintern implementing the concept of a German-Soviet
alliance, which was then in force in the USSR. This situation changed on June 22, 1941, with
the first shots of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the USSR. At that time, the
development of the partisan movement significantly accelerated, so that as early as July, on
a small patch of the liberated area of Yugoslavia, the Communists proclaimed the so-called
Republic of Užice. Although had survived only until November, it became the founding myth
of the communist guerrilla movement in Yugoslavia. It also provided clear evidence of the
effectiveness of the fight, extremely important in the context of the passivity eagerly
accused against other non-communist liberation forces.