the domination of communism in the world

Moscow purges

The banned party was reborn in exile, operating first in Vienna (1921-1936) and later in Paris
(1936-1939), but with Moscow and its headquarters in Comintern as its primary decision-
making centre. This had its tragic consequences especially in the period of Stalinist purges, of
which the Yugoslavian communists sympathetic to the Trotskyists were the first victims of.
During this time, the CPY was practically completely liquidated, the 8 secretaries of the CPY
Central Committee, 15 members of the Central Committee and 21 regional and local
secretaries were victims of repression. All of them were shot or killed in forced labour camps
(the so-called Gulags). The fate of his subordinates was also not avoided by Milan Gorkić
(whose real name was Józef Čižinski), the first secretary-general of the Central Committee of
the CPY who was sentenced to death on charges of espionage.