the domination of communism in the world

Social resistance

The terror unleashed by the new authorities has mobilised Albanian society to resist,although it has mostly taken the form of local, independent guerrilla groups. Their largestconcentration covered the northern part of the country, and the most important militaryaction was the outbreak of the so-called Postrybsko Uprising on 9 September 1946. The forces, consisting mainly of members of the former partisan units of Balla Komb√ętar and representatives of the Legaliteti monarchic movement, consisting of about 450 soldiers, hit the arms warehouses in Szkodra at that time. However, the entire operation ended in a complete failure. The attack was repulsed, about 21 partisans died in it, and a further 12 were captured and almost from the very beginning shot on the market square in Shkoder.The repression also fell on the local population, so that the remaining troops withdrew into the Albanian Mountains, from where they conducted an armed struggle against the communists until the beginning of the 1950s.