the domination of communism in the world

Ensuring the power

Regardless of its terror campaign against its own people, the CPA, after taking control of
Albania's territory, began to take action to legitimise its power and introduce a communist
regime. There were established, among other things, under the influence of the Soviet
Union, which wanted to preserve its image, the temporary government, which included
several representatives of non-communist groups, already in August 1945 abandoned the
facade of independence, turning into a Democratic Front fully controlled by the CPA. It
quickly became the only political faction that had been allowed to take part in the elections
on 2 December 1945. It is not surprising, therefore, that it was the one who won them,
boasting 93% support and 92% turnout. With “full social legitimacy” for the implementation
of the new system, the new parliament rapidly decided to overthrow the pre-war monarchy,
to introduce the republic, and to adopt a new constitution (based almost entirely on similar
basic laws of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union). Similarly, in the economic sphere, it quickly
began to introduce new orders, starting with the collectivization of villages, as well as a
number of projects typical of the Eastern Bloc countries, such as the expansion of heavy
industry and the electrification of the country.