Fertile ground

Although it may seem astonishing, the theories of Marx and Engels have been received quite warmly by the elites, especially in the West. In the Victorian United Kingdom, the socialists in the Fabians' Society understood German philosophers' interpretations and they themselves expressed similar views on some issues. George Bernard Shaw, later Nobel Prize laureate in literature, privately a great enthusiast of eugenics, said in 1910: “Eugenic politics will eventually lead us to the gas chamber becoming widely used. A lot of people will have to be eliminated, simply because caring for them is a waste of time. The idea launched by Marx and Engels fell on fertile ground and found many supporters who have since called themselves Marxists. The first person who had the opportunity to put into practice the assumptions of the political thought of the authors of the “Capital” was a Russian lawyer, Marxist and activist of the Bolshevik Social Democratic Party of Russia - Vladimir Illich Lenin.