Division of the world

Vietnam War and its aftermath

After the Cuban crisis, relations between Moscow and Washington improved slightly, but the powers were still fighting for influence in the world. The best-known training ground was the Vietnam War. American strategists feared that Ho Chi Minh would reunite Vietnam which would have a knock-on effect and the Communists would extend their influence on the other countries of the region. To prevent this, support for pro-Western South Vietnam was started, which dragged the US into a 13-year war. Initially, the Americans had limited military support, but the longer the conflict lasted, the greater their involvement. In 1968, at the height of the war, more than half a million American soldiers were stationed in Vietnam. However, the US failed - in 1975 Vietnam was reunited under the Communist rule. The involvement of the USA in Vietnam also had consequences for the internal affairs of democratic countries - in the Western world a pacifist movement developed, young people and students rebelled against the values of their parents, promoted communism and socialism or revolutionary customs. In 1968, student protests in France led to a general strike that paralysed the country for some time.