Division of the world

Stalin's death

>On 5 March 1953, Joseph Stalin died. The struggle to seize power in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union began. Initially, Lavrienti Beria had a lot of power at his disposal, as well as the former head of the NKVD and the deputy prime minister of the USSR. However, he was arrested and sentenced to death on 23 December 1953. In the USSR, Gieorgy Malenkov took over the government and in 1955 he was forced to self-criticise and resign as Prime Minister. Nikita Khrushchev gained full power.

In 1956, he delivered the famous paper at the 20th Party Congress, where he condemned Stalin's policy. The speech, which was secret, was made public relatively quickly. It was also an impulse to start the process of the so-called destalining in the Eastern Bloc.