Division of the world

Communism in developing countries

The Communist ideology has found fertile ground in developing countries. During the Cold War, communists and socialists took power in countries such as Congo (Zaire), Angola, Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia. In others, communist armed groups were formed, including the< Great Route (Peru), the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Zapatista (Mexico).

One of the most terrible examples of communism is the Khmer Rouge regime, led by Pol Pot. In 1975, they took power in Cambodia, beginning a policy of terror. Almost all the people had been settled in the villages as forced laborers, being previously displaced from the cities. Private property was liquidated, and mass murders carried out - also for trivial reasons (for example, wearing glasses was enough to be considered an enemy of the people). According to various estimates, up to 1.5 million out of 7 million citizens were victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide. The regime collapsed in 1979 because of the occupation of Cambodia by the army of another communist country, Vietnam. Pol Pot's supporters withdrew to the forests, where they continued their guerrilla fight against the Vietnamese (supported by China, Thailand and... the USA). In the end, they were only broken up in 1999. In neighbouring Laos, the Communists took power in 1975 and have kept it in power to this day.