The great hunger

Sometimes whole nations whose tradition was to be attached to land as private property, were subjected to genocide of terror or artificially caused famine. Among other things, Ukraine suffered such a fate as a result of the so-called Great Famine in the years 1930-1933, according to various estimates, between 4 and even 6 million people were killed. The borders of the Soviet Republic of Ukraine were then surrounded by a cordon of OGPU troops, who were supposed to ensure that no food was delivered to the country. At the same time, a mass campaign of requisitioning food products was carried out for the inhabitants who were dying on a massive scale as a result. Nowadays, this genocidal action is also described in the context of the policy of nationalization of the Ukrainian nation, in which after the First World War there were still struggles for independence, perceived by the communists as counter-revolutionary. Similar disasters of hunger were also caused on purpose in the Volga and Kuban, former granaries of the Tsarist Russia, famous for their fertile soil.