Foreign policy of cynicism

The Soviet Union tried to mask militarisation and the previously unprecedented scale of armament cynically masking out its peaceful foreign policy. Concerned about the image of a peaceful socialist state, the first in the world, the Foreign Minister of the USSR, Maxim Litwinow, took the initiative to sign a multilateral non-aggression pact agreement, in which the signatories would renounce to resort to force in international relations. Under the so called "soft law" are the following The Litwinow Protocol was signed by representatives of almost all the Soviet Union's neighbours and non-aggression pacts were concluded with most of them. At the same time, however, contacts with the Germans were nurtured, with whom mainly military cooperation was developed. Germany, which based on the Versailles agreement could not have at its disposal an army of more than 100 thousand soldiers without heavy equipment, gained the opportunity to test new military solutions on military training grounds located in the depths of the USSR. In return, they thanked each other with the training of Soviet military personnel and shared their experiences.